Make a Lasting Impression

July 31st, 2012

I’ve been noticing in the past few years that people are putting less and less information on their business cards.  It makes a lot of sense, because these days it takes less than 10 seconds to find most people online. I like this trend a lot because, in my opinion, the less artwork and text on a card the stronger it looks.  Also, they make you irresistibly curious.

I find the classic feel and finish of letterpress papers takes printing back to an era of quality and craftsmanship that is not often found in other printing methods today. Even the smell of the ink, more apparent on a letterpress-printed page than with offset, often appeals to the collector.

At Hoover Printing we are adding edge painting to the list of services available for business cards and wedding invitations.  I think edge painting is such a gorgeous way to bring in some color while keeping it spare and elegant. The edge painting can be any color and the process works best with the 2-ply stock.

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