Effective ways to print and use your logo

February 23rd, 2012

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and sometimes the most difficult to perfect. The logo, is the image embodying an organization. They are also used to identify and meant to represent companies’ brand different from others in similar markets.

Designing a good logo requires a lot of involvement from the customer. It requires clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as an understanding of the consumer. The dream of designing a logo which lasts for 40 years is something we can all aspire to. Rememberthe minimalist design will always be popular and last longer.

Some companies have been using the same logo for years, but 2011 was the year the gradient with a 3D effect becoming commonplace. Everyone has seemingly been adding a gradient to their logo design. It just seems to add an interest to the whole design, giving it a third dimension of sorts and something that looks sleeker and more professional than a simple single-tone logo. These seemed to jump off the website page too.

Give us a call and we can help design your new logo or update an existing one. Here are some of the great logos in use at Hoover Printing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at john@hooverprinting.com.



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